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    Creating memory distortion

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    Please help with the following problem.

    I need help with explaining how factors can influence and create distortions of memory, and how one of those factors can create a memory distortion. Would you please provide me with an example? I understand better that way. Also, can you explain three consequences of memory distortion in the context of eyewitness testimony?

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    I have provided an outline of this solution from which you can hopefully understand and extract the main concept of memory distortion. Hope this helps. Thanks for using BrainMass and we look forward to seeing you soon. Take care!

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    Memory Distortions and Factors Creating Them

    Some factors that can create memory distortions are:

    Police interrogations: (Information usually offered by witnesses). Some people actually do not remember what they have seen, but will still point a witness out or persist to describe 'so called ...

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    The following posting discusses the factors that can influence and create distortions of memory.