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There are events that are clearly negative that produce memories more vivid than almost any positive memory. I can recall with very great detail where I was when I first heard about the World Trade Center attack in 2001. I can recall many events from that day very specifically. I can recall quite vividly where I was when the shuttle Challenger exploded but I could not for the life of me tell you anything about what I was doing when I learned that the shuttle Columbia burned on reentry. What do you think is different about these negative events that some can recalled so vividly?

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Memory is an extraordinary ability, and it can be challenging in understanding the aspects of it. It is often that we remember tragic events to outline what we have been doing in life, somewhat of even a flawed manner. There have been studies conducted on memory, and it has been discussed that memory is not always how it really was. Often people add or deduct certain things that really happened in those moments they are recalling. It has been said that the act of remembering does alter our memory. Those tragic events were aired on television, and discussed in newspapers, magazines, and other sources.
It discussed how the individual could not remember what they were doing as the Columbia shuttle went down, but interestingly remembered other tragedies prior to that, and what they were doing. I have a personal belief ...

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