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Controversy Over DSM-5

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Can someone help me with a description of the controversy associated with the publication of the DSM-5? Also, can someone help me explain the controversy and how it may influence future professionals in the field?

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Let me give you a broad overview of the controversies here. There are many of them.

There is a problem with the relation between grieving (loss of a loved one) and depression.

Read here: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/rethinking-depression/201110/the-dsm-5-controversy
and: http://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/side-effects/201202/dsm-5-controversy-is-now-firmly-transatlantic
and: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/dsm-5-adhd-mental-health-mark-phillips

Basic summary and impact:

Bereavement is being given its own "disorder." This means that those who have lost a loved one (and are suffering because of it) will be called "depressives."

"Mild forgetfulness" too, is given its own "disorder" standing.

Fewer symptoms will be needed for ADHD.

There is some movement to change this: http://www.edutopia.org/blog/dsm-5-adhd-mental-health-mark-phillips

The big impact is that the DSM-5 will be used by insurance companies to decide whether diagnoses are genuine. If the criteria are lessened for ADHD, then a) insurance will ...

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The controversy over DSM-5 are examined. How it may influence the future professionals in the field are determined.

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Controversies and the DSM-5

In the field of psychology, it is important to recognize the roots of knowledge and past experiences in order to advance understanding and enhance practices. Over the years, scientific advancements in the areas of cultural factors, biological influences, and behavioral characteristics have contributed to answers for known gaps in diagnostic criteria outlined in previous versions of the DSM. Although some changes may be controversial within the field, the revised DSM may provide more answers for client diagnoses and/or treatment plans.

For this Discussion, select one of the controversies regarding the publication of the DSM-5. Consider your position in the controversy and how it may influence your role as future professional in the field.

With these thoughts in mind:

a description of a controversy associated with the publication of the DSM-5. Then explain your position on this controversy and how it may influence your role as future professional in the field.

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