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    Test Anxiety

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    Imagine that you are charged with the task of developing a measure of test anxiety. What are some examples of items you would include in your test? What factors did you consider when writing the items? How would you evaluate the appropriateness or effectiveness of your items? (Before answering this last question, be sure to read the section in chapter 8 on â??Test Construction,â? including those portions devoted to writing items. In order to receive credit, your answer should reflect some knowledge of information presented in this section of the textbook). Be sure to cite and reference your textbook in APA format.

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    I believe that a person definitely has to consider the examples of items needed in order to learn more about test anxiety. Here are some suggestions on what it is I would use. I would use the Likert scale from one to ten and ask open ended questions on how test anxiety makes them feel. For example, do you get nervous every time you take a test? How often does this occur? In what ways have you learned to cope? Have your test ...

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    This solution provided ways to measure test anxiety, an evaluation of the appropriateness of the items as well as many examples.