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    Psychology in the Real World

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    Please describe a specific situation where a psychologist might be (or has been) used to find a solution to a real world problem.

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    Real Life Problem for a Pyschologist to solve: Test Anxiety
    Generally, we all experience some level of nervousness or tension before tests or other important events in our lives. A little nervousness can actually help motivate us; however, too much of it can become a problem — especially if it interferes with our ability to prepare for and perform on tests. Some students seek out the professional help of a psychologist for help with the real problem of test anxiety. The psychologist can help the person develop effective strategies to deal more successfully or even alleviate the anxiety asociated with the testing experience.
    Dealing with Anxiety
    The Psychologist will work with the student to develop awareness into the problem and then to develop strategies to effectively deal with or alleviate test anxiety.

    For example, the first step may be to distinguish between two types of anxiety. The student may be asked to identify whether their anxiety is a direct result of lack of preparation, consider it a normal, rational reaction. However, if she or he are adequately prepared but still panic, "blank out", and/or overreact, then the reaction is not rational. While both of these anxieties may be considered normal (anyone can have them), it is certainly helpful to know how to overcome their effects. The psychologist can help the student to do this. The Psychologist may suggest things that the student can do in preparation for the test, ways to change their attitude toward testing, and suggest strategies to use before, during and following the test.

    First, the Psychologist may provide a hand-out of information as presented below. However, the Psychologist will also work with the student. For example, they will probalby go over the various things that the student does in the testing situation and the emotions he or she are experiencing and determine if any of the present strategies are working. If not, the psychologist may go over other strategies for test anxiety (i.e., like the one's ...

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    The expert describes a specific situation where a psychologist might be (or has been) used to find a solution to a real world problem.