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Social constructivism

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A key concept within the postmodern perspective is social constructionism. Based on your readings (Rober,hoffman).
respond to the following:
1. Describe how language is viewed within the social constructionism perspective, and the influence of relationships and conversation in creating both problems and solutions.
2. How is the self viewed in social constructionism?
3. How do these views of self and language alter the way you see yourself and the influence of your relationships on you?

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1. The direction of development is from the social to the individual through language. Language plays an important role in shaping development.Within the social constructionist strand of post modernism, the concept of socially constructed reality stresses the continous building of world views by individuals in dialetical interaction with society at a time. The many realities that are formed according to this view the imagined worlds of human social existence and activities gradually made clear by habit into ...

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This solution provides a discussion of how language and the self are viewed within the social constructiivsm perspective.

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