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Slovak proverb about confidence

A Slovak proverb could be translated as "Confidence comes with the position". It indicates that a person's behavior often becomes more authoritarian after taking a higher position. The person starts neglecting opinions of his/her colleagues.
What is the situation in your neighborhood (workplace and country)? Is it a habit of superiors to take decisions on their own or do they prefer consult their subordinates?
If you were the manager of such a person how would you handle him/her so that he/she would return to perform as before? How would you go about that without hurting his/her feelings?

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First of all, as you explain the Slovak proverb's translation as "Confidence comes with the position," I personally think that it means the longer one is in a position of authority or power, the more confident, poised, or self assured he or she becomes as a leader. He is she holds the potential to then use or abuse this power.

Yes, you might also say that it does reveal that a person's behavior often becomes more authoritative after taking a higher position. Sometimes, but not in all cases, the person may start to neglect the opinions of his/her colleagues.
As you look at the situation in own your workplace or country, you can comment on what it's like. However, my current job is not the case. For example, my managers and leaders do a nice job of keeping the line between boss and employee strong, but they interact with workers, gather our feedback/ideas/visions, ask us what we think about changes or cases, and also include us all the time in pertinent decision-making processes and issues. As a ...

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