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Reliability and Validity of Popular Research Sources

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In the space provided in columns two and three of the following matrix, prepare a 50-100-word evaluation of both the reliability and validity of each of the sources listed:


2. General Motor's Company Web Site

3.American Psychological Association Web Site

4.Arizona Department of Health Services Web Site


6.Blog About Coffee

7.Time Magazine

8.Washington Post

9.Academy of Management Journal

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First, I will go over what reliability and validity are:

Reliability: Reliability is the consistency of your measurement, or the degree to which an instrument measures the same way each time it is used under the same condition with the same subjects.

Validity: Cook and Campbell (1979) define it as the "best available approximation to the truth or falsity of a given inference, proposition or conclusion." In other words, were our results correct?

Wikipedia: In this website, users create information about any topic possible. There are people who read the work and try to make it as valid as possible by having the users insert sources to back up their info. But this is often not achieved, so validity could be low. You basically trust the words of a random author who may or may not approximate the truth. Reliability might not be so high as well, since each page is created by a different user. You might find a page on a certain phenomena and two authors might report different facts, meaning the reliability is low.

GM's web site: Car manufacturers want to make sure that they are as honest as possible - they could probably get in trouble for reporting false information on their website. Therefore, I would say that the validity of the content on the website would be quite high. As well, reliability would be high - this is the key to producing safe cars - for which every car performs in a similar manner.

APA website: The American Psychological Association ...

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