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Psychology of Critical Thinking

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Brief Perseverance how it ca this negatively impact our ability to think critically about important issues in psychology?
What two strategies can implement that will enable someone to overcome belief perseverance?
When does someone suffer bias in their own life?
Is there ever a time where one might not be able to overcome belief perseverance?
What situations might this occur what would be the consequences?

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Psychology of critical thinking is examined. The two strategics that can implement and enable someone to overcome belief perservance are examined.

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Psychology: Critical Thinking and Belief Perseverance

Throughout our lives and experiences, we may tend to hold onto certain belief systems. We may also be challenged with our own beliefs. Critical thinking development is important as a tool for self-growth and in evaluating our beliefs for ethical decision-making. In belief perseverance, "individuals construct a causal explanation to account for the observed event, and once this causal explanation has been created, it becomes highly accessible in memory and independent of the original evidence on which it was based. So if the evidence is discredited, such as after debriefing, the explanation remains intact and available, and ...

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