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Newspaper Article Report on Crime

Any article in national or local newspaper that describes any type of crime, e.g. narcotic sales, white collar crime or cyber-crime. (Articles must be within one year.) Explain the underlying reasons or that crime by considering the two theories of crime causation. Research includes:

- A description of the crime reported in the article
- Use Choice Theory to describe the crime reported in the article
- Use Trait Theory to describe the crime reported the article.

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Have you managed to locate a recent newspaper article to consider? I used the search words "New York Times and drug dealing" and located one article for you to consider (January, 2008) downloaded at the end of this response for convenience and easy referencing.



1. A description of the crime reported in the article

The suspected crime (Anthony Terry) was drug dealing. In search of the suspect, the police raided Terry's companion's home that left two people dead. The SWAT team opened fire on the suspect's companion, Ms. Wilson's, killing her and wounding her 14-month-old-son. In the report in the New York Times it says this:

"A SWAT team arrived at Ms. Wilson's rented house in the Southside neighborhood early in the evening of Jan. 4 to arrest her companion, Anthony Terry, on suspicion of drug dealing, said Greg Garlock, Lima's police chief. Officers bashed in the front door and entered with guns drawn, said neighbors who saw the raid. Moments later, the police opened fire, killing Ms. Wilson, 26, and wounding her 14-month-old son, Sincere, Chief Garlock said. One officer involved in the raid, Sgt. Joseph Chavalia, a 31-year veteran, has been placed on paid administrative leave. Beyond these scant certainties, there is mostly rumor and rage. The police refuse to give any account of the raid, pending an investigation by the Ohio attorney general." (http://conservativeculture.com/2008/01/new-york-times-covers-lima-shooting).

2. Use Choice Theory to describe the crime reported in the article

Wikipedia (http://www.wikipedia.org/), an online encyclopedia, states that "In criminology, the Rational Choice Theory adopts a Utilitarian ...

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This solution examines one newspaper article that describes on various dimensions and applies two theories of crime causation (Choice and Trait Theory) to describe the crime reported in the article.