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informed consent

Discuss the importance of the topic, Research Challenges: Exploring the Process. More specifically the ethical principles required of psychologists in gaining informed consent. Any suggestions on a scholarly literature resource that can be used to further explore the topic would be greatly apppreciated.

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As you discuss the importance of the topic, you must emphasize how informed consent is vital in the field in order to retain moral and ethical integrity within the field of psychology. Research shows that "treatment should be distinguished from simple consent to treatment. In the latter, an adult simply agrees to accept treatment for him or herself, or for his or her minor child. To be effective, consent must be provided knowingly and voluntarily. In other words, the patient must be at least generally informed about his or her treatment and understand that he or she has a right to decline the treatment" (http://www.camft.org/ScriptContent/CAMFTarticles/ConsentIssues/RevisitingInformedConsent.htm). Thus, informed ...

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This job emphasizes how informed consent is critical.