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Functions of Forensic Psychology Reports

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Aside from professionalism, there are many reasons why accurate documentation is important when working in a court setting. For example, consider the forensic psychology report that is generated after conducting a forensic psychological evaluation. Most of the time, this report will be your only chance to explain your opinions to the court. Most cases never go to trial, and those that do often do not use or require testimony by expert witnesses. Therefore, the forensic psychology report and other documentation of a case are extremely important to the court and the players involved in the trial. Likewise, it is crucial to know the type of report or documentation called for in different situations when working within the courts. In this discussion, you will analyze the functions and importance of documentation generated by a forensic psychology professional in court settings.

a description of the three primary functions served by forensic psychology reports and documentation. Then explain why those forensic psychology reports and documentation are important in court settings. Be specific and support your position with references

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1. About Forensic Psychology Reports - 100 words
2. Function of Reports - 100 words
3. Importance in Court - 100 words

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Forensic Psychology Reports

According to APS (n.d.), "Psychologists are often required to act as witnesses in courts and tribunals, a task requiring specialist knowledge, skills and judgement that is frequently underestimated. Any person who can contribute factual information to assist a court or tribunal to decide a legal issue can be compelled to ...

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