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Experimentation and Constraints

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The following two questions appear to be the same problem asked different ways:

1. One of the major characteristics that differentiates experimentation from other levels of constraint is ____________

(a) the high degree of control exerted over both the procedures in general and the independent variable in particular

(b) that we don't care about establishing causality in experimental research

(c) that control groups are unimportant in experimentation

(d) the number of participants

2. One of the major differences between experimental research and research from from other levels of constraint is ____________

(a) that causality is not possible to establish through experimentation

(b) that establishing causality is the major goal in experimentation

(c) that experimentation research does not need to use a high degree of control

(d) that experimentation research is more credible than low-contraint research

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This job briefly differentiates experimentation from other levels of constraint.

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I think you are right in that these questions are almost one in the same. However, the possible answers for each are different. So let's start with number 1.

Based on the four possible answers, "A" seems the most plausible and most appropriate. The number of participants would not be that ...

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