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ethical issues in forensic psycholigy

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A description of an ethical conflict or dilemma that relates to the ethical code/guidelines for psychologists and forensic psychology professionals. Explain the ethical conflict and how it might be resolved. Be specific and provide example. Note which code(s) or guideline(s) pertains to the conflict/dilemma selected.

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The solution provides insight, information and advice to help the student tackle ethical issue questions as it relates to the peactice of forensic psychology (see above).

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The short solution below should get you started. This is a very specific dilemma. You can also use the listed references for further exploration of the topic. Good luck with your studies.

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Ethical Issues in Forensic Psychology Practice

Dependent upon subspecialty, ethical issues across the field of forensic psychology vary. One of the most common involve the emotional and philosophical positions of psychologists tested as it comes into conflict with their professional code of ethics as required in their practice. Forensic psychologists must contend and grapple for example with issues of confidentiality especially if keeping what is said in confidence goes against principles of justice. Consider for example a young child abuse victim whose evidence is considered hearsay until heard in court. The psychologist, following scientific and practice methods ascertains that what the child narrates about repetitive abuse in a free narrative interview appears to be valid and reliable witness testimony - the details mined from memory is collaborated by other evidence like timings but not DNA. The view of the psychologist however is not heeded in court and the psychologist, a juvenile psychologist, was only hired to interview the child who is alleged witness and victim. Because the psychologist is not called as an expert witness in court and because the other party has 'proven' that the child's testimony is not reliable according to the eyes of the law, the ...

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