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Describing the Sensory Prosess

I need to describe in 400 words the sensory process that takes place when, 1. You hear the ball hit the bat, 2. You see the ball coming to you, and 3. You catch the ball in your glove?

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1. Hearing (Auditory Sensory Process)

The sound you hear FROM THE BAT HITTING THE BALL is transformed into mechanical energy by the tympanic membrane. It is then transmitted through the ossicles to the inner ear where it is changed again into hydraulic energy for transmission through the fluid-filled cochlea. The cochlea's hair cells are stimulated by the fluid waves and a neuro-chemical event takes place that excites the nerves of hearing. The physical characteristics of the original sound are preserved at every energy change along the way until this code becomes one the brain can recognize and process. Then, you hear the sound of the bat hitting the ball. (http://www.betterhearing.org/hearing_loss/howYouHear.cfm).

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This solution describes the sensory process by example. It explains each sensory process that takes place when a person hears the ball hit the bat, when a person sees the ball coming to her or him and when a person catches the ball in her or his glove.