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    Causes of Prison Violence

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    1. Discuss the causes of prison violence. What do you think could be done to reduce the violence?

    2. Do you think that inmates should receive the same or better medical care than law abiding citizens in the community, as is the case in some U.S. prisons? Why or why not?

    Please post one paragraph per question. Thank you.

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    1. Prison violence is caused by a power struggle within the system between inmates. Within the system, inmates have very few freedoms and many of the inmates are not mentally sound to begin with. When you put these people together without treating them for whatever caused them to commit their crimes in the first place, it becomes power struggle between individuals who still feel like they were dealt a wrong hand of cards. They need to prove to themselves as well as to everyone around them that they are still ...

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    This solution discusses the causes of prison violence.