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    Victims of crime within controlled populations

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    Victims of crime within controlled populations represent specific vulnerabilities to attack. Describe prison violence, school violence, campus violence, and workplace violence, and for each, discuss the most logical approach you believe would lower victimization rates. Defend your position for each.

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    Prison violence:
    Prison violence is the violence that takes place in prisons. The violence takes place in the form of assault, threats, theft and hurling of abuses. When a person is incarcerated there is an increased incident of violence. The reasons for increasing numbers of prison fights are overcrowding, solitary confinement and reduced spending on prisoners.
    The approach that I recommend to reducing violence in prisons is to increase the number of prisons and reduce the number of incarcerations so that the prisons are not overcrowded. In addition, solitary confinement should be avoided except in the most extreme cases and the overall budgets should be increased for prisons so that proper amenities can be provided to prisoners.
    The reason for my approach is that with increase in size and amenities, the motivation for committing violence will go down. In addition, the basic conflicts will get reduced.

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    School violence:
    Violence committed at school is school violence. It is ...

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