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    Arguments in Articles

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    This posting evaluates an article called, "Programs Don't Make Sense." It offers sample ideas to identify at least two arguments in the article.

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    Please refer to these sample ideas as you respond to the tasks:

    In order to assess the argument, please note that it is wrong for the government and Clinton administration to advocate needle distribution because it promotes the continued criminal use and abuse of drugs. The quotes, "It's wrong to attempt to ease one crisis by reinforcing another. It's wrong to tolerate a contradictory policy that spends people's hard earned money to facilitate deviant behavior. And it's wrong to try to save drug abusers from HIV infection by perpetuating their pain and suffering," reinforce the argument.

    Taxpayers' money should not be spent on ineffective attempts to combat drug abuse.
    The quotes, "Underwriting dangerous, criminal behavior is illogical: If you subsidize
    something, you'll get more of it," reiterates the argument.

    Please pay particular attention to these statements, "Inconsistency and incompetence ...

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    This posting assesses an article. It gives model ideas to identify at least two arguments in the article.