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Court Cases and Assessments

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I need to find two articles of court cases involving the use of assessments and regarding confidentiality. These may be either state or federal case laws.

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*Two court cases involving the use of assessment and regarding confidentiality

(1) A recent decision of the Supreme court has implications for Canada and other jurisdictions regarding confidentiality mandated under the American Psychological Association' (APA) ethical laws. The ethical laws are focused on the" duty to protect." The case involved a client (Mr. Jones), who was in psychiatric assessment to assist counsel in preparing for defense after he viciously attacked and assaulted a prostitute. During assessment, Mr. Jones was told that all the information he divulged was "privileged" communication between he and his doctor. Thus, he discussed and revealed information about himself including a paraphilic disorder that began in his early teens and continued until the present (Glance, G. D. & Chaimowitz, 2006, 14).

Paraphilia as described in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of ...

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This solution discusses the assessment of court cases; attention is given to confidentiality,