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Important information about Workplace Drug Testing

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These questions are explored:

How effective are random drug tests in the workplace? Minimum 150 words

What should the employer do when a test returns positive and the employee disagrees with the results? Minimum 150 words

Should an employer base employment on the results of a drug test? Minimum 150 words

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Although drug testing has proven effective in specific industries to reduce injuries such as construction, I feel that overall drug testing programs typically are ineffective for various ways. Please note that they are quite costly for businesses. Sometimes the costs are not worth the validity.

In addition, you might also note that workers also sometimes find ways such as herbal supplements to alter the results, decreasing the effectiveness of the drug testing measures.

Besides these reasons, research also questions effectiveness because "drug tests are not work-related because they do not measure on-the-job impairment. A positive drug test only reveals that a drug was ingested at some time in the past. Nor do they distinguish between occasional and habitual use" ...

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This posting explores the effectiveness and issues related to random drug tests in the workplace.