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National Critical Infrastructure

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On September 11, 2001, terrorists exploited the transportation sector of the National Critical Infrastructure (CI) and illustrated how an attack on CI segments can have a ripple effect on the national economy. What are five national critical infrastructure segments where any future attacks will result in catastrophic events. Name the CI segment and explain what the catastrophic events might be because of an attack. Provide the reasoning for your conclusions.

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One national critical infrastructure segment where a future attack can result in catastrophic events, is the power or energy segment. Any attack or damage to the power energy segment would have a crippling effect on the majority of activities that take place within this nation, due to the fact that all essential activities depend on power. Crippling the power segment will result in a breakdown of information technology systems, communication systems, power for emergency services in homes, and even the power sources for state and local government.

Another national critical infrastructure segment that can result in catastrophic events if attacked would be the transportation segment. If the ...

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