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    JS Mills 'On Liberty' and Despotism

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    P.S: I use this book for this assignments, but you can use some others books or articles to answer this assignment.

    Leo Strauss and Joseph Cropsey, third edition. History of Political Philosophy (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1987)

    Question 1:

    In John S. Mill's on is book "On Liberty"; he addresses the nature and limits of the power that can be legitimately exercised by a government over its citizens. Yet, he argues that despotism is an acceptable form of government. When and why would this be the case? Who would determine this? (one page single space possibly with footnotes to in text citation).
    Please do not forget to cite (References).

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    John Stuart Mill's "On Liberty"

    John Stuart Mill is preeminent among English Philosophers of the 19th century, having written a host of essays, treatises and books on politics, economics, governance and society. His 1859 work, 'On Liberty' is an exploration of social ethics, particularly the relationship between authority (or control) and liberty (or freedoms). In it, he explores the notion of individuality but at the same time, he argues that utilitarianism - the good of all - is paramount to social survival. Individuals for him should focus on improving the self and it is in self-improvement (i.e. education, experience, work, social standing), that one can achieve true freedom as it produces a sense of self-worth. In utilitarianism however, he points out that some of the virtues of happiness are more important than others, i.e. intellectual and moral. The greatest happiness for him is one that benefits society. In 'On Liberty', his thesis is that society progresses through stages, culminating when it achieves a representative democratic government.


    Now onto Mill's position on the ...

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