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Diversity as an absolute necessity

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Please respond to the following quote:
" For me, 'diversity ' is not a political slogan or a theoretical goal; it is an absolute necessity. ...It is impossible for students from any particular background to engage fully the racial and ethnic dimensions of American culture in a setting that does not approximate the racial composition of the society as a whole."

Background: This is a quote from a Chicago Sun-Times, however there is no need to research it I need to respond in a critical and original personal way.

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Diversity refers to the integration of peoples of different cultures, races and backgrounds. Immigration and ethnic diversity are important parts of the USA. The USA has accepted more immigrants, from more places around the world, than any other nation. During this century, the ethnic mixture of the United States has become increasingly varied, a trend that continues today with waves of new immigration from Asia and Latin America. In this light it can be conceived that at the workplace there will be a mixing of different people and of their children in schools. It could be assumed that ideally a correct balance of ethnic culture in a school should be achieved such that students get to appreciate diversity. This is however often not the case as there are many colleges of principally black or principally white students. This is ...

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