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Culture in American international relations

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Reading & Resources
The Unit Level: Neo-classical Realism, Liberalism, and Culture
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This is my take on how to answer this. I only supplied one reference because there is some good stuff in the readings you might want to pull out and then add to the references depending on what you focus most on in the reply.

The interactions of America are based on the ongoing perception of how the people perceive others based on the history of the country and the value they hold today.
If one looks at the overall aspects of how the United States interacts, intervenes, or reacts to the rest of the world, it is often based on the historical or economic value of the world to itself. When one reviews the history of the United States, the person will find a preponderance of information that is a singular perspective according to culture. While economically, the perspective can be modified for today's value, overall, culture and how it was integrated within the United States plays a part in how the country perceives others and ...

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