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    Bicyclists in the Tour de France do enormous amounts of work during a race. For example, the average power per kilogram generated by Lance Armstrong (m= 75.0 kg) is 6.50 W per kilogram of his body mass.

    A) How much work does he do during a 135-km race in which his average body speed is 12.0m/s

    B) Often the work done is express in nutritional calories rather than in joules. Express the work done in part (A) in terms of nutritional calories, noting that 1 joule = 2.389x10^-4 nutritional calories.

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    A) For, Lance Armstrong,
    Mass = 75Kg
    Power generated = 6.5 W/Kg x 75Kg = 487.5 W
    Distance = 135 Km = 135Km
    Average body ...

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