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Heat and Thermodynamics: Work done in a cycle

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closed path with 4 processes

1st process Isochoric

V= 2m^3
P-initial = 3x10^4 Pa
P-final = 8x10^4 Pa

2nd process Isobaric

V-initial = 2m^3
V-final= 5m^3
P = 8x10^4

3rd process Isochoric

V= 5m^3
Pi =8x10^4 Pa
Pf =3x10^4 Pa

4th process Isobaric

Vi = 5m^3
Vf= 2m^3
P= 3x10^4 Pa

a) Process 1 requires 600 joules added, process 2 requires 200 J added. What is the change in internal energy as a result of the first two processes?

b) Total amount work done in complete cycle of four processes?


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Solution Summary

Two isochoric and two isobaric processes completes a thermodynamic cycle. The heat exchanged and the work done is calculated.

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