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    Dynamics: Collision

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    A dynamics student is called on to investigate a two car collision. It is known that car A sruck car B (see attahment). mA = 2000 kg and mB = 1200 kg. Both cars A and B then skidded 8.0 m. It apears from the damage that car A struck car B at a relative speed of 12 m/s.

    Find the speed of car A just before collision. Assume a purely plastic collision (e = 0) and a coefficient of friction between the cars and the road of 0.7.

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    Solution: As the principle of conservation of linear momentum is applicable even in case of perfectly plastic collision; net linear momentum before collision = net linear momentum after collision

    mAuA + mBuB = mAvA + mBvB .......(1) where u and v (with ...

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    The expert examines dynamics of a two car collision. The solution provides a step by step solution provided.