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Volkswagen collides with large truck: Magnitude, direction, velocity, kinetic energy

A 1000-kg Volkswagen with speed 30m/sec collides head-on with a large truck of mass 10,000kg and speed 25m/sec. As a result of the collision, the two vehicles lock together.

a. Find the magnitude and the direction of the velocity of the vehicles right after the collision.

b. Compute the total Kinetic energies before and after the collision.

c. Is the collision elastic or inelastic?

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a) Assume that Volkswagen with mass M1=1000kg is moving at V1=30m/s from left to right and a large truck with mass M2=10,000kg is moving at V2=25m/s from right to left. Assume that the velocity of the vehicles right after the collision is V. Then we can set up the following ...

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