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    Combined Angular / Linear Motion

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    A loaded coaltruck is parked at the top of an inclined track. it breaks free and rolls down the incline accelerating uniformly where it collides with another stationary coal truck parked at the beginning of a 1 km stretch of horizontal track. the pair lock together and continue along the track until they come to a standstill. the attractive resisting force acting on the truck at the top of the incline is 450N and on the combined pair when they are traveling as one is 750N.

    1 the potential energy of the stationary truck at the top of the incline.

    2 the kinetic energy of the rolling truck at the bottom of the incline just before impact, and its velocity.

    3 the average acceleration of the rolling truck and the time it took to roll down the incline.

    4 the velocity of the locked-together trucks after impact on the horizontal track.

    5 the kinetic energy of the locked-together trucks.

    6 the distance the locked-together trucks would travel before coming to a standstill.

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    a- Find the measure of one angle in the polygon. round to nearest tenth if needed.

    The sum of the inner angles of a simple n-gon is (n−2)π radians (or (n−2)180°), ...

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