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    Masses, cord and pulley

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    A 4.78 kg mass (m2) is connected by a light cord to a 2.04 kg mass (m1) on a smooth surface.

    The pulley rotates about a frictionless axle and has a moment of inertia of 0.520 kg*m^2 and a radius of 0.350 m.

    1.) Assuming that the cord does not slip on the pulley, find the acceleration of m1.
    2.) What is the acceleration of m2?
    3.) Find the tension T1.
    4.) Find the tension T2.

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    Please refer attachment for detailed solution. However, before looking at the detailed solution I suggest you try to solve the problem using the following fundamental principle for solving such problems :

    Fundamental principle in all such problems involving forces and acceleration is the Newton's second law of motion and the equation derived from the same viz. :

    Force F = Mass (m) x Acceleration (a) - for the linear motion ......(1)
    and Torque ...

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    This pulley and masses problem has been solved by application of Newton's laws of motion.