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    Equilibrium Net Force of Two Connected Masses on a Plane

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    Two masses are at rest on a plane inclined at angle s=35° above horizontal. A cord from mass A=4 kg, passes over a frictionless pulley at the top of the plane to unknown mass B. The coefficient of friction is f= .25.
    See attachment for picture showing blocks and plane.
    a. Find the maximum mass of B for the masses to remain in place.
    b. Find the minimum mass of B for the masses to remain in place.

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    a. Solution for finding maximum mass B:
    See solution attachment for picture showing forces.
    Gravitational force on B has component 'B g sin s' tending to move mass B down the plane and mass A up the plane. The force opposing downward motion of B is friction force component 'f B g cos ...

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    The equilibrium net force of two connected masses on a plane are examined. The maximum and minimum mass to remain in place are given.