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    Collision of Parked Car

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    A car with a mass of 2,200 kg traveling at a velocity of 20 m/sec collides with a parked car. After the collision its velocity is +10 m/sec. If the mass of the parked car is 1,200 kg, determine:

    (a) Speed of the parked car after the collision.
    (b) Average force exerted on the parked car if the collision time (delta t) =0.1 sec.
    (c) Total momentum after collision

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    A: 18.33 m/s.
    2,200 * 20 = 2,200 * 10 + 1,200 * V2
    V2 = 22,000/1,200 = 18.33 m/s.

    B: 220,000 N.
    F = ...

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    This solution looks at the speed, force and momentum variables due to a collision.