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Figure 1.38 shows the intensity of X-rays produced from a source as a function of their energy. With respect to the reference graph shown on the left, one plot corresponds to a decrease in tube current and the other to a decrease in the accelerating voltage (kVp). Explain which plot corresponds to a decrease in which parameter.

The figure is in attached file.

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The solution plots graph corresponds.

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The first thing we have to remember is that x-ray intensity is directly correlated with the quantity of x-rays produced, which is regulated by the amount of tube current available. Simply put, the less tube current, the less photons are produced and thus the less overall intensity.

The sharp peaks in the graphs are characteristic photons produced when electrons are ejected from orbit around the anode's elements, and another electron drops down one energy level. This releases a very specific photon with specific energy, based on what element the anode is made of. In ...

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