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    Physics Problems: Velocity, Impact, Speed

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    a) Mr. Stick lives on the planet Teflon where the force due to gravity is different than that of Earth. Mr. Stick drops a small water balloon off the top of a building (V0 = 0 m/s). He releases the balloon at a height H = 10 m above the surface of Teflon. The balloon hits the ground 1.8 seconds after it is dropped and has a velocity V1 on impact. (Neglect Teflonian air resistance.)
    What is the acceleration due to gravity on the planet Teflon?

    b) Peyton Manning, a football quarterback, is traded from the Denver Broncos to the Telfonian Space Nerds. If he can throw a football at a speed of 29 m/s at a horizontal angle of 30 degrees, how much further and higher does he throw the ball after he moves from Earth to Telfon?

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    Earth gravity g is just a special case of constant acceleration.
    Let's denote the gravitational acceleration on the planet as
    The equations of motions for free are identical to that of the equation of motion on earth, only the value of the acceleration changes.
    The vertical displacement (positive indicating upward pointing quantity) is:
    Where is the initial velocity, is the initial height and t is the time elapsed.
    In our case the object starts its fall from rest - no initial velocity ( ).
    Hence we can write:
    Solving for we obtain:

    All that is left is to plug in the numbers.

    The initial height is ...

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