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Conservation of momentum

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Jonathan and Jane are sitting in a sleigh that is at rest on frictionless ice. Jonathan's weight is 800 N, Jane's weight is 600 N, and that of the sleigh is 1000 N. They see a poisonous spider on the floor of the sleigh and immediately jump off. Jonathan jumps to the left with a velocity (relative to the ice) of 5.00 m/s at 30 degrees above the horizontal, and Jane jumps to the right at 7.00 m/s at 36.9 degrees above the horizontal (relative to the ice).Calculate the magnitude of the sleigh's horizontal velocity after they jump out. What is the direction of the sleigh's horizontal velocity after they jump out.

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The solution calculates a problem using the concept of Conservation of momentum.

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g= 9.81 m/s^2

weight of Jonathan =w1= 800 N
Therefore Mass of Jonathan m1=w1/g= 81.55 Kg

weight of Jane =w2= 600 N
Therefore Mass of Jane =m2=w2/g= 61.16 Kg

weight of sleigh =w3= 1000 N
Therefore Mass of sleigh =m3=w3/g= 101.94 Kg

right is positive horizontal direction
up is positive vertical direction

Since no external force is applied in the ...

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