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    Conservation of Linear Momentum

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    Hi. Can someone please show me how to do the following problem?

    "A 5620 kg open railroad car coasts along with a constant speed of 8.66 m/s on a level track. Snow begins to fall vertically and fills the car at a rate of 3.50 kg per minute. Ignoring friction with the tracks, what is the speed of the car after 86.4 minutes?"

    Thank you!

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    This problem can be solved using the basic principle of Conservation of Linear Momentum.
    <br>Momentum(p) is defined as p= Mass(M)*Velocity(v). And, according to Newton's Laws in any system when there is no net force acting on the system, the Momentum is conserved.
    <br>In our case : the railroad car has some initial ...

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    Conservation of Linear Momentum is applied. The constant speed of functions are given.