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    Working with the conservation of linear momentum

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    For ota 102509 103606; 103846; 103642.
    please see attachments.
    A) 8 ft./ sec. right;
    B) 36.6 degrees;
    V c = 10.39 ft/sec;
    Vd = 8.72ft. sec;

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    Here also we will use the conservation of linear momentum. Ball A is moving with a velocity v= 16ft/s and it imparts some of this momentum to B and after the collision, since the pieces moves at some angles, we will write,

    m * 16 = [mb * vf] + m * va

    (vf is the velocity of the mass B if it were unbrocken and va is the final velocity of mass A)

    from the ...

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    The conservation of linear momentum is analyzed.