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Please convert them

(a) 456 cal to joules

(b) 22.3 j to Calories

(c) 234 kj to Calories

(d) 12.4 Cal to joules

-Calculate the amount of heat required to heat a 3.5-kg gold bar from 21 degrees celcius to 67 degrees celcius.

-If 57 j of heat are added to an aluminum can with a mass of17.1 g, what is its temperature change?

-Calculate the final temperature of 32 ml of ethanol initially at 11 degrees celcius upon absorption of 562 j of heat. (density of ethanol = 0.789 g/ml)

-How much heat in kilojoules is required to heat 56 L of water from 85 degrees F to 212 degrees F?

-A room contains 48 kg of air. How many kilowatt-hours of energy are necessary to heat the air in the house from 7 degrees celcius to 28 degrees celcius? The heat capacity of air is 1.03 j/g degrees celcius.

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