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Free Body Diagram of a Crane

In the crane shown in the figure, the member BG weighs 600lb, which is considered to act midway between B and F. If other weights of members are neglected, what will be the forces in the two tension rods? What will be the horizontal and vertical components of the reactions at A and B?

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These problems require two physics concepts in statics: that the sum of the forces in all directions be zero (Newton's first law) and that the torque around any point be zero.

The second part of the problem is triangle geometry, requiring some trigonometry. The answer assumes you have a basic understanding of trigonometry and basic algebra. It sets up the problem in detail and provides a final solution, requiring the student to go through the algebra steps (simple substitution) himself/herself to confirm the answer.

I provide solutions in Word and Acrobat formats in the attached files.