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    Using the Sharpe and Treynor Indexes

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    Assume the following information over a five-year period:
    ? average risk-free rate =6%
    ? average return for Crane stock =11%
    ? average return for Load stock = 14%
    ? standard deviation of Crane stock return =2%
    ? standard deviation of Load stock returns = 4%
    ? Beta of Crane stock = 0.8
    ? Beta of Load stock = 1.1

    Can you determine which stock has higher risk-adjusted returns when using the Sharpe index? Which stock has higher risk-adjusted returns when using the Treynor index? Can you please show me your work?

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    The Sharpe Index measures the return of a stock relative to its risk by using its standard deviation. (Actually, this ratio should be used with portfolios, but your question ...

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    This solution demonstrates the computation of the Sharpe and Treynor indexes.