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    Person's Oxygen Requirements

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    In one hour the average person at rest consumes 14.5 L of oxygen at a pressure of 1 atm. and a temperature of 20 degree C. A person at rest inhales and exhales 0.5 L of air with each breath. The inhaled air is 21.0 % oxygen, and the exhaled air is 16.3 % oxygen.

    a) How many breaths per minute will satisfy the person's oxygen requirements?
    b) Repeat part a) for a resting person at an elevation of 3000 m, where the pressure is 0.72 atm. and the temperature is 0.0 degree C. Assume the oxygen percentages and volume per inhalation are the same as stated in part a).
    (You can see why a person might experience "shortness of breath" at high altitudes until the body adjusts its rate of breathing, that is, becomes acclimatized).

    If you need a value of a constant, you can use internet or some table. Please just note the value that you use.

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    PV=nRT is needed where R = 0.08206 L atm/mol K
    (1 atm)(14.5 L) = noxygen(0.08206)(293 K) ...

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    Solution shows detailed step by step working just for part (a). For part (b) do the same calculations, but with the pressure at 0.72 atm.