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    Expansion Coefficient for Aluminum Rivets in Airplane Construction

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    Ensuring a tight fit - aluminum rivets used in airplane construction are made slightly larger than the rivet holes and cooled by "dry ice" (solid CO2) before being driven. If the diameter of a hole is 4.500mm, what should be the diameter of a rivet at 23.0 C if its diameter is equal to that of the hole when the rivet is cooled to -78.0 C, the temperature of "dry ice"? Assume the expansion coefficient remains constant at 2.4 * 10-5 C^-1.

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    We want the cross sectional are of the rivet to expand (we don't care right now about its length)

    The area thermal expansion is given by:

    Aƒ = A_i (1 + β deltaT)

    Where Af is the final ...

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    The expansion coefficient for aluminum rivets in airplane constructions are examined. With full formulas and explanations, the problem is solved.