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A clock driven by a brass rod pendulum loses time; find the error in one day.

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See attached file.

A clock driven by a brass rod pendulum loses time when the rod expands as the temperature rises. Find the error in one day.

A pendulum clock is driven by a brass rod of length Lo= 1.6 meters, pivoted at one end.

The pendulum beats perfect time when the temperature is to= 21 degrees Celsius.

If the temperature is increased and held at tf= 26 degrees Celsius, find how many seconds error will be introduced in one 24 hour day.

The coefficient of expansion for brass is B= .000019 per Celsius degree.
(In finding periods, express them to four decimal places.)

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A brass rod pendulum which loses time is examined. The error in one day are found. In seven steps, the problem is solved with good explanations.

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Step 1. Note: The brass rod oscillates with SHM as a physical pendulum. SEE ATTACHMENT #1 for a diagram showing parameters and the general equation (1), for the period, T, of a physical pendulum. Also shown is (4), the period of this pendulum, in terms of its length Lo and the constant g.

Step 2. Your substitution of ...

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