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A torture technique used by inquisition included a pendulum with attached blade. The length and mass of the wooden rod are L=5m and M=10kg, and the steel disk blade has m=30kg and radius R=30cm. While the pendulum swings, the whole system moves vertically down at a rate of 1mm/min. Considering that the pendulum has a small amplitude, how many oscillations the pendulum will make when it has moved 1m distance downward?

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The blade is rigidly fixed to the wooden rod. We can replace the given pendulum by an equivalent pendulum with total mass of the system (40kg) located at the centre of mass of the system.

Let the centre of mass be located at a distance of Yc from the point of hanging of the ...

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The problem on pendulum has been solved using the concept of centre of mass and determining the length of an equivalent pendulum and then calculating its time period.

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