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    Stars - Bayer Letters and Delta Capricorni

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    1. In what order are the Bayer letters assigned to stars?

    2. Is delta-Capricorni brighter than alpha-Capricorni? How do you know?

    3. In what order are Flamsteed numbers assigned to stars?

    4. How many nonstellar objects did Messier include in his catalog?

    5. Why did Messier compile his list, and how were these objects selected?

    6. What nomenclature is used to identify variable stars?

    7. Is V 143 Cyg a valid variable star designation? If not, why not? What is its correct designation?

    8. Is V 469 Lyrae a valid star designation?

    9. If a star is found to be multiple, how are its various components designated?

    10. What is the order of discovery of TZ Orionis?

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