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    Relativity Theory Space-Time Diagram

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    A.) Draw a space-time diagram for a piston moving back and forth in a cylinder. (use the line of motion of the piston for the space coordinate)...a description of how one might make such a diagram would be sufficiant.
    b.) Clocks A and B are synchronized and the clock A is sent on ten fast earth orbits and brought back. Now that the clocks are at rest again relative to each other, which of the following are true (Why?):
    1.) A is running slower than B
    2.) A is behind B in time
    3.) A is smaller than B
    4.) A is more massive then B

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    look at the .jpg file which shows that how will the space -time diagram look like when piston move back and forth. With time lapse the piston moves back and forth, though the line of ...

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    The relativity theory for space-time diagrams are examined.