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Gas laws

A 35 cubic foot rigid tank has propane at 15psia, 540 R and is connected by a valve to a 20 cubic foot tank containing propane at 40 paia, 720 R. The valve is opened and the 2 tanks come to a uniform state at 600 R.

What is the final pressure?

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An ideal gas follows the equation PV = nRT where n = quantity of gas in moles, P = Pressure, V = Volume, T = Absolute temperature, R = Universal gas constant ..........(1)

35 cu.ft gas in the first tank at a pressure of 15 psia and a temperature of 540 R expands to a volume of 35+20 = 55 cu.ft at a temperature of 600 R. We can determine the new pressure of the gas by applying equation (1). However, first we have to convert the temperatures from ...

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A good example of application of gas laws.