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Resultant Vectors of 3 Displacement Vectors

How do I find the resultant of the three displacement vectors in the drawing by means of the component method? If the magnitudes of the vectors are A= 5 m B=5 m and C= 4 m?

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All the three vectors in the problem are as shown in the following figure.

Let be the resultant vector.
You can solve the problem in two ways.

Method 1:
Resolve and into their perpendicular components along X and Y axes. Perform the addition or subtractions of these perpendicular components as follows.
I think you know how to resolve a vector.
See for example, resolving vector A into its components along X & Y axes.
The X-component of vector A is denoted by Ax and
Y-component by Ay.
These components are
Ax = A cos 600 along +ve direction of X-axis.
Ay = A sin 600 along +ve direction of X-axis.

Similarly resolve vector B into its ...

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