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    Student's Angular Velocity

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    A uniform 25 kg disc with a diameter of 9 meters is mounted on a frictionless axle at its center. The disc is rotating at 2.2rad/s, up. A person (85kg) is initially at its center. The person then walks out to the edge of the disc, facing forward, and catches a 2.5kg ball tossed in his face at 18m/s with respect to the ground. After the catch, what is the student's angular velocity?

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    w1 = angular velocity at the beginning = 2.2 rad/s
    w2 = angular velocity when the person reach the edge
    w3 = angular velocity after the ball is caught.

    From conservation of angular momentum,

    L1 = L2 = L3

    i.e. Angular momentum when the person was at the center = angular momentum when he was at the ...

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    This solution demonstrates how to find the angular velocity of a student after catching a ball.