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    Motion of a Top

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    The motion of the top is such that at the instant shown it is rotating about the z axis at w1 = 0.6 rad/s, while it is spinning at w2 = 8 rad/s. Determine the angular velocity and angular acceleration of the top at this instant. Express the result as a Cartesian vector.

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    At the instant shown, every point on the top is subjected to two angular velocities viz. ω1 = 0.6 rad/sec directed along z axis and ω2 = 8 rad/sec directed 45O with y axis. Resultant angular velocity can be determined using the parallelogram law of vector addition.

    z ω
    α ω2

    ω1 θ


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    The motion of a top are determined. The expert calculates the angular velocity and angular acceleration of the top.